About Meridian

Meridian College was founded by Kailash Chandra Panda Memorial Foundation in 2009. The foundation was founded in 1998 by the children of Late Mr. Kailash Chandra Panda of Baramba Garh, Cuttack in loving memory of their father. Throughout his life, Mr. Kailash Chandra Panda emphasized the value of education to his children and in the local circle. He worked relentlessly to educate his children and other citizens in the area. Since its founding more than a year ago, Meridian College has been preparing students with an education for a lifetime.

It is not a typical college where students come to earn a degree. Students come to Meridian to get education which helps them to prepare not just for tomorrow, but entire life. In addition to following mandated curriculum by council or by government, they become part Meridian family, which cares for them as an individual. Meridian family holds each students hands and guides them through unmatched experiences. It may be celebrating Guru Divas, or monthly gathering to celebrate Birthdays, motivational speakers talking about science and character, field trips, including to other parts of India exposed Meridian students to a different world. They also prepare for international standard education by getting exposure to computers and IT early in their life, using computer based learning systems (MLS) puts them ahead of their contemporaries from other institutions. They participate in programs exposing them to all round education through Meridian clubs. Programs such as Students of the month and Student Council prepares them to become future leaders. On top of everything, they are trained in communicative English which puts them way ahead of students from other institutes.