Biology Laboratory

Meridian's well equipped Biology laboratory helps students to enrich their understanding of biology, conduct experiments to get hands-on experience working with plants and animals and learning about biology.

Chemistry Laboratory

Meridian has well equipped Chemistry laboratory where students perform experiments as prescribed by Council of Higher Secondary Education. They learn how to make up chemical solutions, perform lab techniques, play it safe in the lab, and perform other chemistry lab experiments.

Communications Hall

The Visual Communications Hall is open to all students of meridian. This hall is equipped with audio-visual instruments such as Video Camera, Full screen projector and a computer.

Computer Center

Meridian Computer Center is available to all students at no additional cost, is open more than 70 hours per week including weekends, when college is in session. Our goal is to assist in the overall mission of the college, in fostering excellence in teaching to facilitate the enhancement of learning, by supplying vital modern technological services.

Lecture Halls

Meridian lecture Halls are well equipped classrooms with all the modern facilities to provide a conducive environment for effective learning. Each lecture hall is air-conditioned to protect students from summer heat. Meridian's primary lecture hall is equipped with professional projector, video camera and computer to prepare students with modern communication techniques.


To prepare our students for today’s globalized world, we ensure that the students are encouraged in many ways to use the library. Meridian's library has ample text and reference books, over 20 news papers, journals and periodicals, including science magazines from USA. It stays open on all days from 8.00 am to 6.00 p.m and available to every one.

Meridian Learning System (MLS)

Meridian Learning System, rirst time in Orissa for +2 Students, is an international standard system of learning launched from the very beginning. It is a unique computer based system where students come and see lesson plans, take online tests. Online tests using this system prepares Meridian students for future.

MLS can be accessed here http://www.meridiancollege.in/learn or from the eServices Menu.

Physics Laboratory

Meridian has well equipped Physics laboratory where students perform experiments as prescribed by Council of Higher Secondary Education. The laboratory emphasize hands-on working with the equipments to make the physics real to the student.