Sports Club

We believe sports and physical fitness is as important as academics. Through the sports club, we engage students in many physical activities for them to stay fit and improve brain power. Students with higher level of sports skills advance further in their line of interest.

Literature Club

Meridians literature club is active since its inception. Through this club, student advance in their literature skills. They write poems, articles and publish them Meridian magazine and display board. They also interact with external dignitaries to further advance their skills.

Cultural Club

Meridians cultural club, since its inception, has been advancing students interest in art and culture. Students engage in their artistic talents which we believe is a special gift for them.

Computer Club

In the current globalized world, computer is a must with everything we do. It is important that all students of Meridian learn computer, even if they have chosen Computer Science as optional subject or not. It our goal that all students learn and develop advanced computer skills while they are Meridian.
Though this club activities, students learn varius subjects such as programming, internet, graphics design etc.