Co-curricular Programs

Meridian is committed to providing visionary, persistent, and pervasive leadership, promoting student involvement in learning, developing learning communities, enhancing the educational climate of hostels, and intentionally influencing the socialization of faculty and students. Meridian will promote student involvement by expanding the number of leadership roles on campus, creating environments and situations where all students have opportunities to participate and contribute, fostering and rewarding student-initiated opportunities, and providing formal and informal awards through programs like student of the month, social clubs.
Meridian also strongly focuses on the spiritual aspects of college life, by starting the day with a secular prayer, thought of the day, regular Yoga classes by experienced teachers and instructors.
From time to time, Meridian will invite guests who are strong spiritual leaders to advise students, staff and faculty members on various spiritual aspects and collaborative learning strategies.
Meridian will pay closer attention to the cultural socialization and orientation of its family members. Meridian will improve socialization of faculty and students through various programs such as field trips to places of social interest, social clubs, and training.